Ultimately, your carry-on bag should include all that you will need without sacrificing comfort. While you should pack light, it’s also important to pack smart. Here are top items that should never leave your bag the next time you travel:

1. Sturdy Envelope for your all your ID’s and Travel Documents

Secure your ID’s and all travel documents in a legal-sized envelope (ideally one made of sturdy plastic), and place it in a designated area in your bag. It will keep you from panicking and scrambling through your stuff.

Make sure to have printed copies and/ or snapshots of these important documents on your phone in case lost. You’ll never know when you need to take notes or sign forms, so have your pen in here too.

2. Wallet

It’s important to remember that not all stores offer the credit card or debit card option. It’s best to bring extra cash with you for a hassle- free buying experience. Also include all emergency contact information in your wallet in case you are unable to access your mobile device.

3. Protein Bars

An empty stomach could leave you feeling uneasy and distracted. Keep hunger at bay with protein bars packed in sealed plastic bags until you could get your hands on a decent meal.

4. Change of clothing (including underwear)

The last thing you would want is to be stuck in the same clothes you left with for hours. It’s best to have some spare clothes because you’ll never know how long you’re going to wait for your luggage or what the weather will be like in your destination.

5. Electronics (mobile devices, battery packs, camera, earphones)

Store movies or e-books in your phone or tablet to keep you entertained during long flights. Bring your trusty battery packs in case you run out. Gadgets should always be in your carry-on (ideally stored in a waterproof sack) in case your luggage gets delayed or stolen.

6. Medication

Avoid your travel being ruined by customizing your first-aid kit. Consider buying compact medicine organizers and strip medicines individually to fit in each compartment.

7. Neck Pillow

Neck Pillows are the best investments especially on long flights. Whether it may be hooded, Trtl, or with a built-in eye cover, there is a wide range of neck pillows available in the market today that will best fit your needs.

8. Multipurpose Jacket / Large scarf

Aside from helping you get a comfortable sleep, a multipurpose jacket saves space in your bag. A large scarf could also serve many purposes: a blanket, head gear, a pillow, and more.

9. Toiletries

Toiletries may sometimes be part of the accommodation, but it’s best to always bring products you already know work for you.

10. Flip-flops

Flip-flops are compact and don’t take much space in your bag, they’re best to have when you’re at the beach or simply when you’re walking around in your hotel room.

Now, check your bags and see if you have these must have essentials. If we missed anything, let us know through the comments!