More young adults today are choosing to travel than party; thanks in large part to social media and the flexibility of different traveling packages available for today’s adventure-seeking generation.

Following the easy access to travel and their generation finally being a part of the working population, the millennials are surprisingly setting the trend of collecting experiences than material things, among others.

YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Growing up with emerging technology has made millennials used to adapting to change at a faster rate compared to other generations. With numerous travel apps and social media as their guide, they become confident to go on an adventure–even on a whim.

These bold travelers are not afraid to throw caution to the wind, as evident in one of the famous hashtags #YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Curiosity breeds inspiration

With countless information from all over the world readily available with a swipe or tap of a finger, the youngest generation are known to be extremely curious about the world they live in.

One might be surprised to know that millennials are more interested in learning the culture, language, and local food of the place they visit than to party or shop.

Immersing oneself to the local community they visit creates a sense of authenticity that touches the human soul and lingers even after coming home from vacation.

Experience nature

Their insatiable hunger for the raw and untouched drives these millennials to research about less popular beaches or mountains where they could go swim, hike, trek, or camp.

The rewarding feeling of discovering a virgin island, or the feeling of rising above physical pain to reach the summit of a mountain provides a kind of natural high that relieves one from all the stress of daily workloads.

Explore options

With so many travel apps and travel websites available today, millennials are enjoying cheaper flights and accommodations than ever before. Whether it may be from a posted photo of a friend, or from a travel website, millennials maximize the use of social media and the Internet.

By looking at customer reviews, likes, or popularity of a tourist spot or travel service, deciding on a place to visit and how to go there would not be so hard.

While age, income, and status play an essential role on how a person travels, it would not hurt to consider these mindset from the millennial traveler next time you catch yourself torn if you should travel or not.