Are you one of those people who browse on Facebook feeds and constantly cringing and wishing that you’re are the one in the nice bikini photo on a far island with the whitest sands and picturesque view?

Stop dreaming and start saving for a well-deserved vacation. Here’s a timeline to follow to achieve that dream vacation in 2017.

6 Months before the target travel date

Plan where you are going, once decided, check out the internet for cheap accommodation and fare. Planning and checking give you an idea of the estimated amount you will spend on this trip.

Once you have the estimate, divide it in two and start computing how much you need to spare each day or for some each pay date to achieve half of the expense 3 months before your trip. Start saving and commit to it.

4 months before travel date

You should have saved a quarter of your total expense by now, so use this saving to secure down payments – this will also help you lock in cheaper amounts since most of the hotels will provide the best price for early booking.

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3 months before travelling

Plot your vacation leaves if your supervisor will allow you to do it this early, continue on your saving although you may want to start scouting for a nice outfit that you want to bring to your trip, spare some extra and buy at least one item every time you get an extra. This saves you from cramming and spending more when you buy everything before leaving.

If you are flying, book it already today to get the best rate.

2 months to go

This time you should have almost saved 80% of your travel expenses. Follow up on your vacation leave.

1 month for the big travel

At this point, you should have saved 90% of your travel expenses since you have already paid for the 10% 4 months ago. Just get yourself ready.

Travelling isn’t always luxury and indulgence, saving up is the key to achieving your travel dreams without the guilt feeling. As they say, you only reap what you sow.

Happy Travelling and saving!


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