The Philippines is one of the popular Asian countries that many tourists travel to, especially for people from western countries such as America and Australia.

Traveling to a different or new country can sometimes be daunting, but with the right help, this holiday vacation need not be difficult. Therefore, we have listed some of the pros and cons of car rental in the Philippines to help you be better prepared for your trip.

The Pros of Car Rental

There are many advantages to having a car during your vacation, the obvious being efficiency. No one can deny the great time-saving method of driving around in your own car compared to using public transport.

It’s safer and quicker

Driving around in your own vehicle is much safer than being inside a public vehicle. Majority of the public transport in the Philippines nowadays doesn’t have seatbelts, so there’s that greater chance of risk if accidents were to happen. Furthermore, most public transports are open or are not enclosed, so another risk factor to think about.

It’s more comfortable and relaxing

Being inside your own car can make you feel more comfortable due to the safety of being enclosed inside the car. In addition, being inside the car can keep you away from the heat and humidity that is commonly the weather of the Philippines, being a tropical country. Also, most cars will have airconditioning, so you can expect to feel more relaxed inside your own car.

The Cons of Car Rental

Of course, as with most, if not all things in life, there are also disadvantages. However, these disadvantages can be remedied or resolve by being aware of them. Anyway, most of the time, these disadvantages are really just worse case scenarios. Regardless, let’s list some of the disadvantages of car rental in the Philippines for safety’s sake.

It will cost extra

The first obvious con of car rental in the Philippines is that it will cost you extra to hire a car than paying for public transport. Additionally, you can also hire a driver to drive for you if you want to pay a little more. As mentioned in the beginning, if you come prepared, then this extra cost won’t be a problem. Moreover, the benefit of paying extra for a car is that you can focus more on your holiday journey.

Compliance with terms and conditions

Another common problem with renting a car is the strict terms and conditions that car rental in the Philippines has. Each company might differ from one another, but they are all still just as strict. One example could be that you have a limited mileage to use, otherwise, you would have to pay the extra cost of going over.


Overall, car rental in the Philippines is worth it if money isn’t a problem or if you’re traveling to the country for the first time. You certainly don’t want to spend most of your time worrying about where to go or how to get to places on what is meant to be your time off from work. After all, the Philippines is one of the top must-visit countries for a holiday vacation.