The Philippines undeniably has the most stunningly gorgeous and diverse beaches in the world. Get your head together because in case you didn’t know, the Ph has 7000+ islands all of which has special beaches to offer.

Here’s a tip, and yes, you can thank me later. If you heard of the Philippines again, veer away from the usual Boracay, because this amazing country offers a much less explored island called Palawan.

Getting There

Depends on where you are coming from, Puerto Princesa is accessible by small passenger plane so you might want to land on a big international airport and get a taxi to the Puerto Princesa Airport.


The Philippines is still relatively cheap which is great for your Palawan travels. Your $20 a night is already a luxury here. Get a good room, or an AirBnB for as cheap as $5-10 a night. To book tours, every hotel & guesthouse uses the same companies, you can look up typical costs at the time of your visit to ensure you are getting the right deal.


It’s also cheap to get a car rental in Palawan, if you wish to visit Puerto Princesa, you can try booking with Rey Car Rental Palawan, they offer wide variety of sedan, SUV or van that suits your need. Pro Tip: Drive your own! Yes, you can do this– just ask for it.


Oh, get sumptuous fresh seafood, meat or whatever your heart desire for as low as, wait for it, $2-3 a meal! Yep, this is one to die for anywhere in the Philippines. The food taste great and the price is insanely cheap.

The next time you think about travelling. Think about Palawan, we’d love to see you here.