Imagine arriving in your usual hangout spot for drinks only to find out that it’s closed for renovations or not being able to avail of a promo that just expired but you would have been able to book days prior your arrival to Palawan. These mishaps can throw off your schedule considerably or make you miss opportunities that don’t come often. This article will remind all travelers – experienced or otherwise – some of the ways to make the most of your stay in Palawan.

1. Do research

The Internet is such a valuable tool for everyone who’s planning to go on trips. It contains almost everything an interested traveler can possibly ask for: contact information, customer reviews (we’ll get to this later), directions, and even promos! With the importance of online presence for resorts and other tourist attractions, looking up your next destination online will certainly help you reach an informed decision before getting a reservation. A lot of travel and booking websites show comprehensive information about the different establishments in Palawan so prospective travelers can be sure to have an informed decision before booking. Some establishments even have their own websites while some focus their online presence on Facebook while some have both.

2. Call ahead

As with any other information gathered from the Internet, double checking what you’ve seen on a website or Facebook page is a must. Or you might have more questions about an interesting promo or a new feature you want to try. Sometimes, a message on their online helpdesk or a comment on one of their Facebook posts can take a long time before it is given attention. This is where calling the establishment itself plays a big part in making sure that what you saw online is available once you actually arrive at your destination. Ask about promos and other important information. Make sure that you Over-the-phone inquiries are quite handy especially if you have a lot of queries and you require instant answers. Make sure to ask for the name of the person who’s assisting you so you can ask for them again if you need any follow ups.

3. Sift through customer reviews

More often than not, businesses will try to advertise to such an exaggerated degree that will make you immediately book from them. Some attract travelers by offering significantly lower rates as compared to their competitors. A few boast of seemingly spacious rooms at such ridiculously low rates. If your gut is telling you that something’s wrong or quite farfetched, this is where customer reviews come in. Customer reviews tell other travelers what to expect from a hotel or restaurant resort from the actual experiences of the people who availed of the services of the place you are looking at. An apparently budget-friendly hostel can have rooms with bedbugs; a seemingly wonderful restaurant may have such small servings that they don’t equate to the price of the meals. Though not all reviews are negative, some positive reviews are planted there by paid reviewers so they can generate an alluring image for their establishment. In this case, go with what most commenters say about a certain place and that should be closer to the truth.

By carefully planning ahead, you cut the chances of encountering unwelcome twists while in Palawan. Make sure to take note of the tips above to maximize what this beautiful island has to offer!