Palawan belongs to the most recognizable tropical getaways worldwide. Boasting white sand beaches, pristine lagoons, a collection of islands which can be visited in one day, rushing rivers (underground or otherwise), caves waiting to be explored, and other natural wonders shaped by thousands of years of geographical formation, it is no wonder why it remains to be one of the top vacation destinations for locals and foreigners every year. Aside from bodies of water and rock formations, Palawan also has museums, churches, and farms where tourists can partake in the cultural heritage of the Palaweños as well as the history of the islands spanning generations.

With a plethora of activities, visitors won’t easily run out of things to do. Whether one wants to experience island hopping and snorkeling or just relax and read a book under the shade of a palm tree; scuba diving to see marine life forms or spelunking to discover hidden creatures; museum tours which showcase the history of the islands or ziplining to survey the island from above, Palawan surely has everything to offer to the most discerning of tourists who want to escape the pressures of the urban jungle.

The island’s local businesses can serve the differing tastes and budgets of tourists. With a great number of tour packages and lodging accommodations, whether they’re sticking to a strict budget or planning to go all out, they will be able to find an arrangement suited to your expectations of the island vis-à-vis your spending power. Palawan also has a variety of restaurants which serve local culinary fare and others so diners will come across with a combination of dishes that will satisfy their gastronomical cravings.

Whether to rejuvenate your weary body, conquer your fears, check a couple of items from your bucket list, or do something never experienced before, Palawan will never fail to deliver as being one of the most prominent of all tropical escapades.

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