Every day we wake up, prepare for work, take on the challenges of commuting, sit at our desk, go home, and sleep. And then we repeat it the following day, ad infinitum. This endless routine may make us feel as if we’re stuck in a rut; as if we’re cogs in the machine of industry continually spinning without rest.
We have different ways to break free from this monotony. Some choose to drink with friends while others prefer going to the movies to watch whatever’s on the big screen while munching on overpriced popcorn. Others opt for so called “staycations” and get a room at a hotel and enjoy the establishment’s amenities.
But aside from all the mentioned methods above, out of town trips have been proven time and time again to be the most effective in recharging one’s depleted batteries because of the following reasons:

New Experiences Lead to New Perspectives

A drastic change of landscape may benefit us by making our senses try new things. Seeing new sights and tasting new food bring to us a welcome stimulation we don’t often get when at work wherein we’re required to finish reports and dine on the usual fare in the cafeteria or the restaurants nearby our offices.
Doing things we have never done before make us realize that there is more to life than our day to day office lives. Observing how other people live their lives and how they interact with others will give us the new perspective of individual differences in culture and locale.

Taking You Out of Your Comfort Zone

When we’re so used to doing the same progression of activities daily, we settle in the motions and it might make seem life boring. Taking a leap of faith will give us the feeling of being on top of the world: the adrenaline rush of facing a new challenge is one of the most rewarding feelings in this world.
Being able to conquer one’s fears add to our strength as we continue to hunger for more obstacles we can look forward to in our next adventures. Try swapping out an ergonomic office chair for a zipline harness for one day and try it out for yourself!

Nature Gives Brings Us Back to Our Roots

Seeing breathtaking sights will make us feel this profound feeling of a certain oneness with the world around us. By exploring natural scenes not often found in the city, we are taken back to our roots where everything began before modern civilizations were established.

Through nature, we are reminded that we are all connected as organisms co-habiting this planet along with other organisms and this in turn will make us respect nature and the importance of environmental balance to the world and all of its inhabitants.

Out of town trips have this unique quality of totally reviving our energy and motivation towards life. A few days of sea and sun can completely bring forth a new person from within us, ready to tackle the pressures and demands waiting for us back in the office. Until the next trip!