Driving can become a chore for some people. It can be enjoyable at times especially when the place being traveled is a new environment but some people prefer to take in the sights without being distracted by the road ahead. Thankfully, Rey Car Rental provides car rental services with the option of having your own driver bring you around the island. The following are some of the perks of having your own driver along with your rental car:

The driver, being a local, can be a source of recommendations

Considering the fact that your driver lives on the island, his knowledge about the various establishments and attractions in Palawan can be a valuable source of recommendations for you. Some of your plans can be supplemented with more places to visit or restaurants to try coming from a Palaweño. And who’s better to ask than someone who actually lives and breathes Palawan, right?

You won’t get lost getting from point A to point B

Driving in a new place can get confusing especially for the geographically challenged. Even with the advent of driving companion and directional apps, people still sometimes get lost because of different circumstances. With your own driver who’s already well-versed with the roads of Palawan, you will be safe in the thought that you will arrive safe and sound from one destination to the next without getting lost or sidetracked.

You automatically have a designated driver

Palawan has a lot of establishments that cater to different kinds of tourists with varying interests. One universal past time for tourists is drinking. Now drinking in itself in an unfamiliar locale can be dangerous and driving can only make it worse. In this regard, having a driver who’s ready to bring you home to your place is the safest way to go. Aside from being safely escorted to your lodging accommodation, everyone in your group can enjoy drinking to their hearts’ content since you don’t have to do the driving yourselves.

Having your own driver bring you around Palawan will be a treat. Instead of minding the road, you can enjoy what Palawan can offer its visitors to the fullest extent with your group or even alone. Contact Rey Car Rental today and choose the most suitable package for you and your group!