About Rey Car Rental Palawan

A Glance To Our Beginning

Founder, Rey Sta. Ines started as a manager for a vacation house located at the heart of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines. A customer service driven manager that he was, Rey wanted to provide exceptional service to their guests by ensuring guests’ safety, comfort and a memorable experience worth looking back to. He came up with an idea, that it will be brilliant to have an in house car rental service in the vacation house. Hence in 2013, the car rental started with one car that provided their guests transportation service from the airport to the vacation house.

On the same year, guests poured in and the idea of offering car rentals that let guests travel comfortably around the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa had been a success. Rey has seen the need of local car rental services in their area so he decided to leave the vacation house, purchased more vehicles, funded a car rental business and registered it with a trade name Rey Car Rental.

From then on, Rey Car Rental has provided their satisfied customers a special experience of comfort, safety, great stories of memories and experience to bring home as they go.

Our Mission

Rey Car Rental wants to provide comfort and security for people who want to travel to the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa by providing them luxury transportation at a reasonable price.


Drive Around the Latest Cars Like a Local, ANYWHERE in Palawan.