As with any tourist destination, Palawan is filled with many surprises for its visitors. With so many activities to enjoy, it is only practical to be ready for any possible event that might be prevented by a few items and practices. It would be a shame to miss out on a couple of things because of a simple snafu, right? Take note of the list below so you can completely enjoy this gem of an island.

1. Bring Cash

With the continual increase in the use of credit/debit cards and online transactions, almost everyone uses their cards when buying or availing of something. However, there are some places and establishments in Palawan that don’t accept electronic transactions and only accept cash payments. In this regard, be sure to be prepared with a reasonable amount of cash when the need should arise. Also make sure to ask the shop owners first whether they accept credit or debit cards before purchasing anything.

2. Plan your days ahead

Even if spontaneity is often perceived to be equated to fun, a properly executed vacation will not only give you a chance to experience everything you want per your budget and time span but will also give you enough time to rest for your next adventures. Before going to Palawan, ask friends who have been there the following questions:

*How did you get to the island? Which route do you think I should take?
*Where did you stay? How was it? Did you have any problems?
*What were some of the attractions you visited? How were they? What other attractions do you think I would enjoy?
*Where did you get to buy your souvenirs? How much did they cost you?
*What were some of the local dishes you liked? Where can I taste them?

Aside from asking your friends, checking websites of Palawan-based establishments can also be a good way of sourcing your prospective destinations in the island. A little more searching can also yield results of customer reviews of the establishments. If what they say checks out with what you learned from other sources, you can now make an educated decision on how to spend your limited time and resources.

3. What to bring?

Along with planning your trips, you should also take extra effort in thinking of the things you have to bring. When packing, consider that Palawan is a tropical island with a lot of beaches, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. Make sure to bring appropriate beach wear and other related necessary items when basking in the sun such as a blanket you can use and sunblock. It also won’t hurt if you bring an extra set of clothing for when you have to quickly change into something different or if a buddy needs a fresh shirt or pants.

Aside from clothes, also bring a medicine kit with you containing the medication you need especially if you have a special condition like asthma or diabetes. A ruined trip because of a sudden asthma attack or allergic reaction can be downgraded to a minor inconvenience with the right medicine. Apart from your special medicine, also bring your go-to over-the-counter medicine for cough, flu, diarrhea, wound treatment, and body pain just in case you encounter any of those.

Since we are all virtually dependent on our devices now, don’t forget to bring their chargers. It also won’t hurt if you bring a portable charger with you or a power bank in case you run out of battery in the middle of an activity and you don’t have immediate access to an electrical source.

4. Immerse yourself in the local culture

Aside from enjoying the physical features of Palawan, the local scene should not be overlooked. The friendliness and hospitality of Palaweños should make any tourist’s stay more memorable and special. Take time to learn a few basic phrases so as to be able to communicate in the local dialect. This will not only show that you want to converse with them using their own tongue but it also highlights the fact that you respect the local culture and may even win you a friend or two!

5. Forget all your problems

A key to enjoying the marvels of Palawan is to actually take it all in mentally. One cannot simply absorb the beautiful scenery if his mind is cluttered with deadlines and other work related thoughts. You will have time to tackle those things; the most important thing to do is to devote your senses into what the island has in store for you. This sounds difficult especially for workaholics who have been confined in their occupational routines for so long but once you start to open up to new experiences without worries, you will surely be energized much faster and better.

With these tips, you will surely be able to take pleasure in the island of Palawan by being prepared for the most common problems that might spring up on you unexpectedly!