Palawan is one of the best places to go to as a tourist in the Philippines. If you love the beach or have a taste for seafood, then Palawan is a good choice.

Everyone knows that going on a tour in a foreign land can be a little bit scary, so any kind of help tourists get is always greatly appreciated. Because of such, here are 5 best reasons why you should rent a car in Palawan while on tour there.

1. A car gets you to places.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. Having a car will get you to places much faster, especially if you know what you’re doing or where you’re going. If you’re from America, then you should have no problem driving in the Philippines as they drive on the same side of the road.

2. You control where you go.

Next, let’s go with the second obvious reason. If you rent a car in Palawan, you will have complete control of your traveling time. This is most effective if you plan to stay for a while, such as a week or two because this can allow you plenty of time to not only visit the tourist spots you want but also check out the local places you can drive by.

3. You can hire a driver.

Most car rental companies in Palawan offer drivers to take you to places you need to go to and they can even drive you as far as El Nido. Of course, it’ll cost extra, but if you don’t know the area or if you’re not used to driving in the Philippines, then this would actually be the safer option and the more effective one. To rent a car in Palawan is also the recommended choice if you plan on staying for just a short time, such as a few days, that way, you can avoid wasting unnecessary time finding your way around places.

4. Renting a car is cheap.

One of the great things about touring in any part of the Philippines is that it’s cheap! So, renting a car won’t cut a big chuck out of your spending money, especially if you prepare for it. Just be aware that the price range can differ depending on the car rental company and your country’s exchange rate. You should also stick with recognized or reputable companies so you can get the best benefits or deals.

5. Traffic is safe and roads are smooth.

Although Palawan is one of the biggest tourist locations in the Philippines, the population there is still fairly small, so the roads won’t be as busy or congested compared to other major cities in the country. Additionally, the main highways are now cemented, which means that you can rent a car in Palawan and have smoother drives when traveling to far locations.

So, there you have it, 5 best reasons why you should rent a car in Palawan while on tour. Palawan is such an amazing tourist destination that even Filipinos from different parts of the country visit there. With such a rich history to see and the wonders of nature to witness, this is definitely a must-visit place if you ever plan to drop by in the Philippines.