When it comes to visiting one of the best places in the world, specifically in Asia, on that list, you’ll always hear Palawan.

Palawan has been voted and chosen to be one of the most must-visit destinations in the Philippines by countless tourists. Because there is so much to see there, here is a list of 5 beautiful places in Palawan you cannot miss out on in 2020 that will make your vacation worth the trip.

1. El Nido

This is a place that every single person who has visited will have on their recommended list, which is precisely the reason why this is number 1 in our 5 beautiful places in Palawan list. El Nido is the furthers place you can travel to in Palawan as it is located at the very top of the main island. In this area, there are many islands you can go to, which you can see through an island-hopping tour.

As you visit these islands, you will view many limestone cliffs, coral reefs, and long stretches of white sand. You can also find serene lagoons and explore untouched hidden places that will certainly make you want to come back again.

2. Coron

Another worthy member of our 5 beautiful places in Palawan is Coron, a very popular destination located on a separate island from the main, above El Nido. If you love scuba diving and war histories, then this is a place that should be on your list. One of the most memorable things that you can do here is scuba diving at one of only a few places in the world where you can witness World War II shipwrecks.

In addition to this amazing experience, you can also visit big and gorgeous lakes in Coron. With these lakes having such amazing clear water, you can enjoy both the surrounding mountainous environment and the lively deep-sea creatures at your leisure.

3. Port Barton

If you’re after a place that’s a little more on the quiet side and with fewer people, then Port Barton is the perfect destination. It is located below El Nido and many compare the two locations with each other as Port Barton also has a large number of beaches and islands you can visit. The difference between the two is that Port Barton is less known to visitors, so is more of a virgin area for tourists than El Nido.

Despite it being less populated and a smaller area, the beaches and islands are almost just as beautiful and inspiring to witness. The perfect go-to place if you want a more relaxing tour while still experiencing the beauties of Palawan. As a bonus, you can visit these places personally by hiring a boat or walking there yourself.

4. Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is located almost at the center of Palawan, further down below Port Barton. You could say that this is the main or major city of Palawan as it is highly urbanized compared to other cities in Palawan. Although it is considered to be the capital, it is still a very popular tourist destination with its large number of beach resorts and seafood restaurants. Definitely worth staying at for a few days before heading to a different tour spot.

5. Taytay

This might come as a surprise, but Taytay, located between El Nido and Port Barton, is a very interesting spot rich with Spanish colonization history. Therefore, we deemed it worthy to be one of our 5 beautiful places in Palawan. In fact, the main sight to see in this town that all tourists love to visit is the famous and well-preserved Spanish stone fortress still standing today. Of course, on the side, you can still visit small islands and clear water beaches while staying here for a day or two.


With this list of 5 beautiful places in Palawan you cannot miss out on in 2020, you can now focus on enjoying your Palawan vacation without any distractions or doubts that you will have a good and quality time in the Philippines.